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While 2009 was the year of deepest crisis in the regional system, difficulties deepened again over the period, while signals of recovery, albeit uneven and slow, have been recorded since then.
The main labour market indicators provide a clearer view.
Compared to pre-crisis levels (in 2007 in total about 1 700 jobs were lost (- 3 while the labour force grew.2 and the number of unemployed workers increased almost threefold.Situated in the heart of the Alps at the foot of Mont Blanc, Courmayeur was one of the first alpine, winter adventure resorts.The result is a hybrid culture known as Valdostan, a long-ago mingling of the French Provençal and northern Italian that is notable in the local architecture, the dining table and in the survival of an esoteric local language, Franco-Provençal or Valdôtain.Get to the heart of Valle d'Aosta with one of Lonely Planet's in-depth, award-winning guidebooks.These two changes together resulted in a substantial new increase in the number of persons seeking employment, which went from the previous 3 100 to 5 400 last year.» On Display Hotels, hotel Pavillon, hotel Edelweiss).» Locations » Hotels » On Display Locations, courmayeur.In the springtime, the Gran Paradiso is the perfect spot for nature walks in splendid colourful scenery, while in winter it is the theatre of all winter sports: Nordic and alpine skiing, bobsleigh, heliskiing and ice skating.
The data of the first three quarters of 2015 also confirm strong differences by sector.
However, a comparison of the first three quarters of 2015 with the same period of 2014 shows that employment levels remained stable, while the labour force increased, albeit only slightly, generating a further increase in unemployment, though at a slower pace than in previous years.
Further to the north is the fabulous scenery around Breuil-Cervinia with the Majestic Matterhorn in the distance.Italy - Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste, short overview of the labour market.While its Dolomite cousins tend to the Tyrolean, Aosta's nuances are French.If Valle dAosta is the Queen of the Alps, her 28 courtiers are also rather special; these are the regions winter ski resorts that also offer great health centres and spas.In 2014 the average number of employed persons was approximately 55 100, the workforce totalled almost 60 500, while the average number of unemployed persons was about 5 400.The regions valleys and mountain passes make for some quite exceptional scenery.Valle d'Aosta, valle dAosta is without doubt the Queen of the Alps, in every season of the year.The regions situation at the start of 2015 remained highly uncertain, with ongoing sectoral difficulties, accompanied by high instability in employment and persistent labour market problems.Similarly, compared to the pre-crisis period, the participation rate (15-64 years) rose from.5 .8, the employment rate (15-64 years) fell by approximately 2 percentage points and the unemployment rate increased from a structural or natural level (3.2 to levels rarely seen in Valle.It is positioned between some of the highest and most spectacular mountains in Italy: Mont Blanc on the border with France (4810m the Gran San Bernardo, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa on the border with Switzerland and Gran Paradiso to the south.The same can be said for Pila, with its wooded slopes, pistes and sports parks, which are just a mere 20 minutes away in the cable car from Aosta, another city rich in art and history.